Client views.

Below are just some of the many people who’ve benefited from GYROTONIC® exercise.

Louise – relief from hip pain
After months of hip pain I was astounded to find that after ONE session of Gyrotonic the relief was immediate, I hurpled in and floated out! I know it sounds too far fetched but after only a few exercises using the pulleys system, the pain disappeared – a few days later it did come back but regular sessions have made an incredible difference.
My spine is much more mobile and almost pain free. One of the added benefits is that my posture has improved and my waistline has reappeared – I feel taller and slimmer and so much better physically and mentally. This has to be THE most effective physical therapy treatment EVER!.
Fiona – an evident increase in space between my vertebrae
My doctors were amazed when they saw an x-ray taken 3 months after I started Gyrotonic exercise. There was an evident increase in space between my vertebrae. I am now pain free for the first time in four years.
Katie – recovering from disc injury and improved core strength
After a disc injury in September 2009 I wanted to find something to build up my core strength once I had completed the physiotherapy treatment for my injury. A friend mentioned Gyrotonic and so at the end of January 2010 I booked my first appointment with Penny. My initial response was a feeling that my spine had been “unzipped” coupled with the general feeling of leaving slighter taller after each session. However I became aware of the real impact when I went skiing at Easter and noticed how my improved core strength helped me get down the very long and challenging Whistler slopes without fear of hurting my back again. Compared to a ski holiday only 3 months earlier and just before I started working with Penny, there was a clear difference. The only thing I had changed in between the two trips was my 7 Gyrotonic sessions. As a runner, I can also feel the benefit of improved core strength and would recommend anyone to try Gyrotonic as a means of achieving this. You’ll soon become hooked!
Diane – found relief from arthritic pain and improved fitness.
When I read about Gyrotonic, in a magazine, I thought it sounded just the thing to relieve my arthritic joints of their aches and pains. My body had become stiff, tired and bent and I was feeling every one of my fifty eight years. I was not prepared for how quickly Gyrotonic worked. After my first session my body felt liberated, I was able to move freely and my posture had changed dramatically. I have now completed five sessions and I am completely free of aches and pains, feel fitter and more active, and my energy levels have increased. I can highly recommend not just Gyrotonic but Penny who is an extremely skilled and motivational instructor.
Michael – developing my abdominal muscles and correcting my posture
Three years ago I was diagnosed with Perypheral Neuropathy and was deeply alarmed not only by the wasting of my leg muscles but also the complete absence of any acknowledged form of therapy. My wife read about Penny Withers Studio in a magazine and knowing my aversion to Gymnasiums assured me that the Gyrotonic exercise was organised on a one to one basis. After much prevarication I gave in and agreed albeit reluctantly to give it a try. The benefits in my case were almost immediate and in the past nine months have absolutely transformed my life. By developing my abdominal muscles and correcting my posture I have regained my balance, my back pain has vanished and for the first time in my life I have lost my round shouldered stoop. I now feel fully in control once more and in general terms feel fitter at 60 than I did at 50. This is not only due to the technology of the Gyrotonic machine but also to Penny’s excellent professional skills as an instructor and motivator. I shall continue to sing the praises of the system and this studio to anyone who cares to listen!
Hilary – suffered back pain and chronic leg pain for a number of years
Having suffered back pain and chronic leg pain for a number of years exercising options became difficult. The Gyrotonic way of moving is perfect for someone like me. My body is stronger as a result, thus putting less stress on muscles that are frequently overworked due to my body weaknesses. With the support of the equipment and Penny’s help I am able to stretch out the painful leg and work the whole body even in the painful areas. I have definitely become stronger and more mobile. Exercise is no longer a chore!
Jennifer – a gentle enough way to be suitable during pregnancy
I first went to Penny when I was 28 weeks pregnant because I had read of the benefits from Gyrotonic in strengthening and opening up the body but in a gentle enough way to be suitable during pregnancy.
Throughout my pregnancy I was amazed by the extra feeling of space Gyrotonic gave me and I found the sessions to be both relaxing and energising. I feel sure that practising Gyrotonic each week is one of the reasons I had such a straightforward labour and easy recovery. I returned to Gyrotonic after 3 months post-partum and it has helped me quickly return to my pre-pregnancy shape and in fact my core now feels even stronger and better supported than it did before.
Kirsty – friends and family are amazed at how much my shape has changed
My clothes fit better and my friends and family are amazed at how much my shape has changed. I would recommend Gyrotonic exercise to anyone wanting to feel fitter and healthier.
Jean – I have suffered with spondylitis for a period of eleven years
My name is Jean and I have suffered with spondylitis for a period of eleven years, having to wear a surgical collar to try and ease the pain especially at bedtime. My daughter gave me a gift voucher for Penny Withers Gyrotonic studio. I was very impressed with the first session and decided to continue with the work. After only a few sessions I found I could go without my collar and even had the confidence to go on a two week holiday – collar free. I feel so much fitter and healthier now and would recommend Penny and Gyrotonic exercise to anyone. It has given me a whole new lease of life.
Brian – due to a frozen shoulder I have missed two skiing seasons
I am a competitive cross-country skier but due to a frozen shoulder I have missed two skiing seasons. An operation was ineffective but Gyrotonic has helped a lot. The sessions are really enjoyable and afterwards I always feel more mobile and energised. Penny has a very perceptive eye for movement and has sorted out movement patterns that may have contributed to the injury in the first place. The way I move has changed and so has the way I think about skiing. With any luck this will result in faster race times next season!
Margaret – suffering a badly broken pelvis and leg, a displaced hip and many other bumps
My name is Margaret and I have many reasons to be grateful to Penny & Gyrotonic. I was very seriously injured in a road accident 3 years ago suffering a badly broken pelvis and leg, a displaced hip and many other bumps & bruises. After my discharge from hospital and when my ‘quota’ of physiotherapy had ceased, I went back to work. In a short time however, I became increasingly concerned about constant tiredness, my posture, (or lack of it) and decided to seek help. After reading an article about Penny and Gyrotonic exercise I contacted her and have been attending one to one sessions on a regular basis since May of this year. In these months my posture has improved and the niggling back pain has gone. I feel more toned and my stamina is almost back to normal. I am now able to walk further distances and garden without any pain at all. The exercises have helped me and I intend to continue with them. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending the Gyrotonic method.