Do you have a bad back, low energy, poor posture or just the desire to keep your body fit and healthy?
GYROTONIC® movement can help.

The Gyrotonic system is a form of body conditioning developed by Juliu Horvath. The movements are performed on specially designed machines and offer similar benefits to those associated with Yoga and Pilates.

Focusing on physical alignment and deep muscle control we aim to help our clients become fitter and healthier in body and mind. Through an understanding of anatomy and physiology our qualified instructors encourage gradual, sustainable changes in alignment, mobility, posture, strength and breathing.

One-to-one Gyrotonic sessions are available using specially designed equipment.

The benefits of the GYROTONIC® movement system

Over a period of time

  • Your body will change shape
  • You will feel more energetic and less tense
  • You will feel stronger and more mobile
  • You will have a better understanding of your body

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